COVID Updates

COVID Updates 2021

Dear Patients and Visitors of AcuMaster,

The government and our regulatory college has allowed for the continuous operations of all health services with new regulations to best prevent the spread of COVID-19 – please take your time and read the following carefully.

Your appointment:

1. In an effort to prevent run-ins of patients from different households, please arrive 5 -10 minutes before your appointment time in case you have to fill out additional forms.

2. If you are running late, please inform the clinic as soon as possible. In the effort to physical distance, being late may affect your treatment time as we are actively preventing over-crowding. 

Physical Distancing:

Safe distance can be achieved with ease in all areas of the clinic – we have many rooms available. Upon arrival, patients can immediately go into one of the assigned empty rooms to avoid coming in contact with other patients. 

If we do run into an over-crowding situation (Which has yet to happen), visitors may be asked to wait outside of the building/in their car rather than in our office to ensure physical distancing. Rest assured that we will do everything we can to make your stay comfortable. 


Please wash or disinfect your hands (with minimum 70% alcohol) upon entry to the clinic. You should also disinfect your hands as soon as you exit the clinic.

If you are going to/from the washroom, please ensure you disinfect/wash your hands.  

Please be assured that all surfaces within our vicinity are regularly disinfected after each use (treatment rooms and reception area cleaning is done between each appointment). 


Contactless tap payment is preferred at this time to minimize potential contamination. We are attempting to avoid the handling of cash on premise. 


To best ensure the safety of all our patients and staff, all personnel who enters the premise are required to wear a surgical mask. If you do have access to a mask, we will provide one upon your arrival. 

All practitioners and patient will wear a medical grade mask during the treatment. (As much as we love to smile!)

Additional PPE may be used by the practitioners or front-line healthcare workers.

These precautions are to make sure you will be entering a very safe and controlled environment.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at (604) 371-1698 or send us an email. Thank you!

The Acu Masters Team