Lin-Style Manipulation Therapy

Lin-Style Manual Therapy


“Injury is not the only cause of pain, and pain is not the only by product of structural dysfunction.

Disorders of our respiratory system, circulatory system, urinary system, sleep patterns and even emotional upsets can all be potentially caused by a disturbance of our body structure.” 

The Lin Style Structural Therapy was created by the famous Taiwanese Orthopaedics/Traumatology specialist Dr. Lin Liang Chuan. Dr. Lin has been trained in Orthopedics from a young age and is very familiar with the structure of the human body. By manipulating and releasing the fascia, he can adjust the malposition of various bones in the body. By the same token, he can also use the adjustment of different bones structure to then loosen deep muscle tension. Dr. Lin’s method of adjusting the bones is delicate and on point with almost surgical precision. He is different from other Orthopedic Doctors in that he doesn’t just know the structure well, but can also adjust each individual joint of the body at will by his unique method to manipulate the fascia – this includes the adjustment of the arch of the foot and any rib. 

In Lin Style Structural Therapy, the fascia (a part of a structural network) is a system of maintaining the even distribution of tension. If we do not violate the framework of the skeleton, tendons, ligaments and the limits of then natural facial tension, we can sense the abnormalities of the patient’s body with our fingers during the treatment. The source of tension can then be resolved through the use of fascia and bone and deep muscles adjustments to allow the tissue to have enough space to return to normal function. After the adjustments are done, the fascia can also slowly stretch and slide back, so that the superficial and deep fascia can both maintain a natural homeostasis. After the membranes are aligned, we can see or detect the improvement to blood circulation between the muscles of the body as well as the flow of the vital essence within the fascia.

Dr. Lin believes that the studies of manual technique for Traumatology should be rooted in the foundation of learning the natural laws of the tendons and bones. This is so that when practitioners adjust the structural network, they would be able to sense the tension and not violate the principle of natural physiological dynamics to create changes. It is necessary to feel and master the structural network to adjust it.

By sliding the fascia to adjust the skin, muscle, tendons and bones, it will in turn untie the fascia, which will then in turn reset the displaced bones and joints alike – this is the Lin Style Structural Therapy, created and explored by Dr. Lin Liang Chuan. This method is designed to be very gentle, and can systematically restore the natural frame of the body that may be contorted due to overuse or injuries. Unlike other therapies that may use sudden force to create a change in the patient’s body which can produce an injury to the practitioner’s body; this method is also designed for the practitioner themselves to avoid injuries.

This type of therapy is current adopted and practiced by Dr. Shi from AcuMaster. Book today to see how he can help restore your body to natural order.